The Importance of Regulated Markets: Crypto vs. Stocks

Download the app The Important of Regulated Markets: Crypto vs. Stocks I have seen a ton of hesitation and general frustration in the crypto markets recently with the growing popularity of crypto currency as a portion of retail traders asset strategy. It is important to know the difference between regulated and unregulated markets when choosing […]

Options and Time Decay – What to Know!

Download the app Options and Time Decay – What to Know! At the most basic level, an equity option is a contract that gives the buyer the right (but not an obligation!) to either buy or sell an underlying stock at a specified date and with a specified price. This makes the price of the […]

Different Options Trading Strategies

Download the app Different Types of Trading Strategies When it comes to retail trading, there are more than a few strategies that casual retail traders typically employ. We’ll cover the basics of the most commonly used strategies, shedding light on the important components of each. Scalping – probably the most technical of the bunch, scalping involves […]

Stock Markets and Recessions

Download the app Stock Markets and Recessions There has been a lot of talk recently about the chances of a recession over the next few years, with some economists calling it ‘all but a certainty’ and others casting doubt. However, the one thing we already know for sure is that it has caused a lot […]

Why Options Spreads?

Download the app Why Options Spreads? Options trading can be somewhat of a mysterious and intimidating topic. Unlike traditional equities or even ETF’s, options contain a large amount of additional metrics and information that can further complicate the picture, especially for the untrained eye. In addition, there are potentially hundreds of options to select from […]

Interest Rates and Impact on Equity Valuations

Download the app Interest Rates and Impact on Equity Valuations Interest rates have been at historically low levels for years now – at or near almost 0 since the financial crisis of 2008. This has fueled cheaper borrowing costs, lower costs of capital, and general economic growth. However, recent inflation has spurred a series of […]