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A modern brokerage app focused on streamlining the options trading experience (Optionality ODD)

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Your investments come first

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Regulated broker-dealer

We are a US-based broker-dealer & fully regulated by the SEC & FINRA

Your assets are insured

Our SIPC membership protects your US listed securities and cash (up to $250k)

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Trustworthy banking connections

Like most leading brokerages, we use Plaid to easily connect to your banking institutions

Options done differently

Start your Optionality journey in three easy steps:

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Optionality app on your phone.
  2. Sign up and get your account approved in minutes.
  3. Link & fund your bank account to start trading.

Complimentary real-time
market data

Get real-time market data after opening an Optionality brokerage account. We’ve partnered with Cboe & OPRA to bring you speed & accuracy.

Power in your pocket

Prepackaged trading
No more confusing options chains! Optionality uses proprietary algorithms to pre-package option trades into a curated menu that shows max loss, max gain, breakeven price, and percentage move required. Alternatively, you can also customize your own option spread by using the Option Builder tool. The menu is filtered for liquidity using internal volume and open interest data.

Options-specific analysis
Keep track of the metrics that matter most. See the big picture before placing a trade using AI market sentiment, risk levels, bullish/bearish indicators, the Greeks, and other tools that can help find the right trade for you.

Risk buckets
Help control your market exposure by choosing between 3 risk levels before executing your options trade: Low, Medium, and High. Explore up to five different strike prices per risk bucket, all with unique risk/reward profiles to determine which one suits you best.

Trade options on any public company
Choose from any public company or ETF and explore contract expirations from one week up to one year. Navigate volatile markets, choose your risk level, and find trades that resonate with you. Single calls & puts coming soon!

Use Wall Street level strategies to your advantage. With an average trade cost of around $35-$75, our option spreads can be less expensive than single calls/puts. Additionally, spreads require smaller price movements in the market to break even, meaning they can be less affected by shifts in the Greeks.